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Celiac Disease … When Abdominal Complaints Persist

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition in which the ingestion of gluten causes damage to the small intestine in genetically predisposed individuals. Gluten is a protein which is found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Posted on 4 February 2016 | 6:59 pm

Meet Our MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Professionals Team

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are valuable members of the cancer care team at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. Their scope of practice allows them to see patients independently or in collaboration with a physician. During a patient’s visit at Cooper, their care may be managed by one of these health professionals. What kind of education [...]

Posted on 26 January 2016 | 7:35 pm

Making Health Resolutions That Stick

Welcome to 2016 everyone! As we enter a new year, we often reflect about those things we want for ourselves and our future. Like a fresh new book, our lives are open to new chapters yet to be written and a fueled desire to want better for ourselves in so many ways. For most of us, that often means better health. But how do we get past that initial inspiration and get through lasting changes when it comes to our health goals? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Posted on 6 January 2016 | 9:04 pm

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Adult Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors May Have Lingering Troubles: Study

Intelligence, memory and attention can be affected by treatments, researchers say.

Health Tip: Restrict Your Diet Before Colonoscopy

Limit fiber several days in advance of the exam.

Health Tip: Protect Against Group B Strep During Pregnancy

Expectant moms should be tested, CDC says.

White House Seeks $1.8 Billion to Fight Zika Virus

Emergency funds from Congress would combat the global health threat, officials say.