Cancer Care Support Services

At MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, we know a cancer diagnosis affects so much more than your physical health. Financial concerns, cancer treatment side effects, and emotional stressors can take a heavy toll. We’re here to help you manage it all.

We offer a wide range of supportive care resources, including financial, behavioral, palliative, nutrition, and wellness guidance. At MD Anderson Cooper, you’re never alone in cancer treatment and recovery. We hope you’ll reach out to our dedicated team of compassionate experts to ease whatever challenges you face during your treatment.

Our Cancer Care Support Services

To help manage the ways cancer treatment and recovery can affect your life, our dedicated team offers a full range of cancer care support services:

  • Nutrition: Make healthier food choices with guidance from our nutrition experts. By optimizing your diet, you can get (or keep) your body in its best disease-fighting state.
  • Social work: Connect with available community resources that can help you address various challenges in your life. Our social workers can help you manage financial and other obstacles.
  • Palliative medicine: Explore strategies and solutions for long-term pain management or symptoms caused by cancer or cancer treatment.
  • Behavioral health: Talk with our therapists about how you and your family can navigate what your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis mean for your life. You can also connect with other people in similar circumstances through one of our support groups.
  • Integrative oncology: Get recommendations on nutritional supplements or other guidance to enhance the treatment process and improve your wellness during recovery.
  • Complementary medicine: Reduce anxiety and enhance your overall health by trying out one of our mind-body therapies, including yoga, massage, and meditation.

Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Programs

Our partnership with the country’s leading cancer hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, means you have access to the best cancer detection techniques and the most effective treatments. Learn more about our:

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To learn more about the cancer care support services available at MD Anderson Cooper or to schedule an appointment, please call 855.MDA.COOPER (855.632.2667).

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If you are a doctor who wants to refer a patient in need of cancer care support services to MD Anderson Cooper, please call 855.MDA.COOPER (855.632.2667).