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Cooper has recently learned that its vendors and partners are being solicited by a scammer offering to sell advertising on Cooper’s hospital patient discharge bags. The businesses are receiving calls and emails from an individual claiming to be “Rebecca McCloud” from the “Brand Management and Product Procurement Division.”

Cooper does not have a discharge bag advertising program and has not contracted with any outside party to sell these advertisements. We advise our vendors and partners not to respond to these solicitations, and to report any such contact to us at

An Easy Way to Connect Your Business With Cooper

Cooper has been providing advanced health care to the people of this region for more than 135 years. Our mission is to serve, to heal, to educate. We work with many businesses to fulfill our mission and have a robust diverse supplier program. If your business can help us, we want to know you.

The Supplier Gateway is an easy online registration tool to connect with an opportunity right for your business. Please use the Supplier Gateway to introduce your company to Cooper’s Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing Division.

Before submitting your Supplier Information Form, please read through all sections below to take advantage of every opportunity available to your business. 

If you have been working directly with a member of the Cooper team, download and complete the Supplier Information Form (required), Medical Provider Conflict of Interest Form (required), and Minority or Small Business Form (if applicable) and email the forms directly to that individual along with your company’s W-9.

If you would like to be share your business’ information with our Sourcing Team, please complete the Supplier Information Form, Medical Provider Conflict of Interest Form, and Minority or Small Business Form (if applicable)  and email them to Please include the name of your business in the subject line of the email. Please note that a supplier will only be contacted if its service or product offerings match a current procurement need. See “Solicitation Notices” section below for active RFPs.

Supplier Information Form

The Supplier Information Form should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Before beginning, you will need to have the following information available:

  • Company demographic information
  • Your products/services listing
  • NAICS/SIC codes
  • Details on the service area covered or area in which your products are distributed
  • Your company’s W-9

Supplier Information Form (PDF)

Information collected from the Supplier Information Forms will be kept in a database that will be used by Cooper Sourcing to identify potential suppliers for opportunities that arise. Submission of this form infers no obligation of any kind on the part of either you or Cooper University Health Care.

Registering as a supplier is not to be considered as an approval to move forward with conducting business with Cooper and does not automatically place your company on a "bidder's list"; constitute approval of your firm as a Cooper supplier; or obligate Cooper to solicit a request for a quotation. It does, however, allow us to better understand your firm's capabilities and experience for potential opportunities.

We thank you in advance for your interest in conducting business with Cooper University Health Care and completing the steps to register.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

To ensure that The Cooper Health System complies with federal law concerning financial arrangements between physicians and entities that provide certain health care services, we require all new suppliers to complete the Medical Provider Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. The completed form should be returned to Cooper Sourcing via email along with your Supplier Information Form.

Medical Provider Conflict of Interest Discloser Form (PDF)

Supplier Access to Cooper Facilities

The Cooper Health System utilizes the vendor credentialing software system from Green Security to credential all vendors who wish to do business with Cooper. It is your responsibility to contact Green Security to be credentialed prior to scheduling an appointment with any Cooper practitioner or staff member. After the credentialing process has been completed, you will need to download the Green Security application on your mobile device. You will sign into the application to check in and produce an electronic badge on your mobile device. The electronic badge will display the area(s) you are approved to access (e.g., OR, Cardiac Cath Lab, nursing unit, or off-site facility and physician practice).  You must also use this application to sign out of the Cooper facility you have been visiting.

You are NOT required to register in Green Security prior to being awarded any type of service or product agreement with Cooper. However, you are welcome to register in advance if you wish. The link to the Green Security vendor registration site is provided below as a convenience.

Green Security Vendor Registration

Minimal Insurance Requirements

If members or agents of your company will be providing services on Cooper property, you will be required to provide insurance at levels approved by Cooper’s Risk Management and Insurance Department.

Proposed contracts with costs less than $500,000 must contain the following minimal insurance coverage limits:

  • Workers’ Compensation coverage in accordance with statutory limits
  • Employers’ Liability with policy limits not less than $500,000
  • Commercial General Liability coverage with limits not less than $1 million per occurrence and $3 million in the aggregate
  • Professional Liability coverage with limits not less than $1 million per occurrence and $3 million in the aggregate is required for professional services only, e.g., physicians, engineers, architects etc.
  • Excess Liability coverage with a limit no less than $5 million is required when performing construction services at a Cooper facility.
  • Policies shall name “The Cooper Health System” as an additional insured.

Projects in excess of $1,000,000 shall require performance and payment bonds for the project term and a one-year maintenance period. As an alternative to surety bonds, you can enroll the project into a Subcontractor Default Insurance Program. Any subcontractor excluded from coverage shall be bonded. Such program shall include coverage for all subcontractors and shall have a minimum limit of $10,000,000 Per Default/$20,000,000 Aggregate and include three years of completed operations coverage post project completion. You would be responsible for all costs within the program retention.

You will be required to provide your COI when submitting an awarded contract and must include the type of coverage and the limits of liability carried. Cooper Sourcing will compare the insurance coverage on the COI to that required in the contract to ensure compliance and will maintain the COI on file with the contract.

Payment Terms

Cooper’s standard payment terms are Net 60 upon receipt of approved invoice. Any terms outside of this will require senior administration review and approval before any vendor contracts will be awarded.

Environmentally Preferred Sourcing

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) refers to the procurement of products and services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared to competing products or services that provide the same purpose. The comparison can consider:

  • Raw materials used
  • Production and manufacturing processes
  • Packaging types and materials
  • Distribution logistics
  • Reuse or renewable materials
  • Company operations
  • Maintenance techniques
  • Material and waste disposal/recycling
  • Healthy food systems
  • Land stewardship
  • Sustainable energy practices
  • Clean air / clean water initiatives

The Strategic Sourcing Division of Cooper’s Supply Chain is dedicated to applying EPP guidelines to all major, strategic, and critical purchasing decisions to promote the use of sustainable products and services. Sourcing will evaluate environmental impacts in order to select products and services that minimize damage to health and the environment. Our suppliers are expected to continuously develop price competitive quality products that conform to EPP guidelines and specifications.

Suppliers who wish to do business with Cooper University Health Care should provide us with any EPP-related initiatives you have which may include the identification or sourcing of:

  • Greater energy-efficient products and services
  • Materials and products with higher recycled content, and containing materials harvested through organic agricultural practices
  • Materials and products associated with lower content and emissions of:
    • Hazardous materials
    • Greenhouse gases
    • Bio-accumulative pollutants
    • Ozone-depleting substances
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Materials and products with longer lifespans
  • Materials and products with preferable end of life options for reclamation, remanufacturing, and/or disposal
  • Methods to reduce water consumption or contamination onsite and offsite your facility
  • Environmentally sustainable or preferable alternatives for commodities

Expectations for responsible practices from our suppliers include:

  1. Designing products to contain high post-consumer recycled content
  2. Designing products to be readily recycled, reprocessed, reused, and/or composted
  3. Manufacturing products that reduce total cost of ownership and improve end of life responsibility
  4. Manufacturing products without harmful chemicals and materials and in accordance with national and international chemical and material standards
  5. Implementing programs to ensure products do not contain restricted or banned materials
  6. Manufacturing products that use minimal resources during normal operations, in order to reduce environmental impact
  7. Transporting and packaging units in minimal packaging that is recyclable, non-toxic, and/or bio-based
  8. Improving transport and production methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  9. Preventing accidental spills and releases of hazardous materials into the environment and reducing adverse environmental impacts
  10. Developing due diligence management systems to monitor, enforce, and enhance the sustainability of your own supply chain
  11. Provision of third-party certification that product(s) was independently tested and found to meet criteria which reduces its negative health and environmental impact

Diverse Supplier Program

Cooper University Health Care has a commitment to serving local needs by attracting, supporting, and partnering with diverse business enterprises. Our program is designed to identify qualified diverse suppliers for participation in Cooper’s procurement opportunities. If you wish to provide Cooper with any additional information regarding minority owned or small business status of your company, please complete the Minority or Small Business Declaration Form.

Minority or Small Business Declaration Form (PDF)

As a part of our continuous improvement program, we are developing a comprehensive supplier repository of supplier business, certification, capabilities, and contact information. Please take this opportunity to provide any additional information on the Supplier Information Form.

It is important to include all of your company's capabilities and certifications so that your business can be considered for all appropriate procurement opportunities. Note that a supplier will be contacted only if its capability profile matches a current procurement need.

Solicitation Notices

Solicitation notices will be posted on the Supplier Gateway to give suppliers the ability to register as a supplier and submit responses to solicitations electronically. This section will be updated periodically as opportunities for solicitation of bids become available.

Current Open RFPs and RFQs

RFP - Civil Engineering Services (PDF)

RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services (PDF)

RFP - Architecture and Engineering Services (PDF)

RFP - Owner's Representation Services (PDF)

Requests for Qualifications

None at this time.