Nursing at Cooper

Nurses and our collaborative teams are the heart of our care delivery system, and our success as an organization is highly dependent on the exceptional care that they provide to all those we serve.  More than ever before, nurses are stepping out of their traditional roles and becoming active contributors and innovators in the transformation of healthcare. 

Many of our team members have been recognized by colleagues and leaders as individuals who promote and foster an optimal healing environment with pride and tireless dedication.  Through their commitment to excellence, they are leading Cooper Nursing in our quest to provide the highest safety, service, and quality in a fiscally responsible way.

Nurses are paramount in our mission to serve, to heal, to educate

"If you save a life, you’re a hero. 

If you save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse.”

Career Opportunities at Cooper

At Cooper University Health Care, our commitment to providing extraordinary health care begins with our team. To find current opportunities for nursing at Cooper, please click here or visit