Onsite Parking/Public Transportation

Cooper offers optional onsite parking for a nominal fee to team members who will work in Camden. A parking application is required and may be submitted on your first day on campus when you visit the Conference Center. Once your paperwork is submitted, you'll receive your assigned parking location and access wafer that you’ll use to enter and exit your garage.  

Parking assignments will vary based on your primary work location and other factors. For most people, the following parking assignments apply:

Main Campus Parking Garages 

Hospital Garage

594 Benson Street (attached Roberts Pavilion, Main Hospital)

24-hour self-service

Employees are required to park on floors 5 through 9.

Medical School Garage

510 Benson Street (at CMRSU)

Monday to Friday 24-hour service. (closed Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays)

Employees are required to park on floors 5 through 9.

CCBO Parking

Waterfront Garage

10 Delaware Avenue, Camden, NJ

Monday to Friday 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
No weekend hours

The Waterfront Garage is only for team members working at the CCBO.

Note: a free shuttle is available between the garage and the CCBO and runs about every 10 minutes. You can also ride the shuttle to the Hospital campus when needed.


More Details About Parking

Registering for Onsite Parking

If you plan to park regularly, you must submit a parking application on your first day onsite. A Parking Office representative will be present when you arrive at the Conference Center to complete your other onboarding tasks. All required paperwork will be available to complete and submit. Beyond this event, you can visit the Parking Office which is located on the first level of the Hospital Parking garage.

Parking Office Number: 856 342 2498

Hours: 7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)



Parking Application

Parking Payroll Deduction Form

Hospital Parking Map

Medical School Parking Map

Getting Around Campus Via Shuttle

Shuttles are available between the CCBO and the Main Hospital around the clock running every ten minutes. Catch the shuttle outside of the hospital entrance at the bottom of the stairs. A shuttle also runs between the Waterfront Garage and the CCBO location for employees who will be working at the CCBO.

Other Parking Locations

There are other parking locations on campus that are restricted. Learn more about these locations by reading Cooper’s Parking Policy and FAQs, or contact the Parking Office.


There is a bi-weekly payroll deduction for parking garages. You’ll need to complete a payroll deduction form that is part of your parking application. Speak with the Parking Office about the cost at the time of your application (fees may change).


The Parking Office will issue an access wafer to apply to your name badge and a parking decal to affix on your windshield. You’ll use this to swipe and enter/exit your designated garage location.

Off-Peak Rules

All employees are permitted to park in the Hospital Garage during off-peak times (nights, weekends, and holidays) and weekdays prior to 5:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m.

Occasional Parking

Employees who use the on-campus parking facilities on a limited basis, defined as working less than 20 times in a calendar quarter, may request a discount card from the Parking Office. Regular fees apply without the discount – Visitor Parking Information


Contact Human Resources; and once you are on board, you can also refer to Cooper University Health Care Policy “8.307 Benefits – Parking.”


Taking Public Transportation to Cooper

The Cooper University Hospital Camden Campus can be accessed by PATCO and NJ Transit Bus and Rail lines. You will have the option to enroll in pre-tax commuter benefits, which can be used to purchase public transit fares and passes.

The Walter Rand Transportation Center is located within comfortable walking distance to One Cooper Plaza and provides transportation and connections to South Jersey and Philadelphia.