Ronak Gor, DO

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Cooper University Health Care Titles

  • Director of Genitourinary Reconstruction and Trauma
  • Urologist

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Titles

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery

Board Certifications

  • American Osteopathic Board of Urological Surgery

Professional Type

Cooper University Physician



About Me

Ronak Gor, DO, is the Director of Genitourinary Reconstruction and Trauma at Cooper University Health Care. His expertise is in reconstructive and general urology with clinical areas of interest including urethral stricture disease, open and robotic urinary tract reconstruction, erectile dysfunction and urologic prosthetics, Peyronie's disease, voiding dysfunction, repairing complications of gender affirmation surgery, and all complex urologic conditions.

Dr. Gor is a member of the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons and the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. He completed both an internship and residency at the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, PA, while receiving additional specialty training in genitourinary reconstruction and trauma at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis, MN.

Office Locations

Cooper Urology at Voorhees

2401 Evesham Road
Voorhees , NJ 08043
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Education & Training

Medical SchoolLake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, PA
InternshipSurgery - Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, PA
ResidencyUrology - Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, PA
FellowshipGenitourinary Reconstruction and Trauma - University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN

Special Interests

- Urethral stricture disease (narrowing or scar tissue of the urethra)
- Genitourinary trauma
- Repairing complications of gender affirmation surgery
- Open and robotic upper urinary tract reconstruction
- Urologic prosthetics (artificial urinary sphincters, male slings, and penile implants)
- Revision prosthetic surgery
- Advanced neurogenic bladder
- Congenital/transitional urology
- Peyronie's disease (acquired penile curvature)
- Prostatic urethral lift (UroLift)
- Sacral neuromodulation (InterStim)


  • Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons
  • American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
  • American Urological Association
  • Sexual Medicine Society of North America


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