Mitral Valve Repair

Mitral valve repair is surgery to repair the valve that controls blood flow through the left side of the heart. Unlike mitral valve replacement surgery, this procedure leaves a person with their own functioning tissue, and doesn't require blood-thinning medication over the long term.

 The Cooper Heart Institute has a renowned team of cardiothoracic surgeons who offer world class care and have extensive experience performing mitral valve repair.

Understanding the procedure

These procedures involve either sewing a ring around the valve to improve its size or shape, or removing tissue to allow the valve to function better. The surgeon may perform one or a combination of repair procedures depending upon the reason for surgery. The repair is performed with a small lateral incision. The benefits of a small incision include a smaller scar, and may include a reduced risk of infection, less pain and trauma, decreased length of hospital stay and decreased recovery time.

Indications for the procedure

Mitral valve repair may be recommended when the valve is functioning poorly causing the heart to work harder. 

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