Stories in Care: An Oral History of COVID-19

The story of COVID-19 often is told in numbers: numbers of cases, numbers of deaths, numbers of recoveries.

As we continue battle COVID-19, Cooper University Health Care wanted to capture the stories of this historic pandemic through the eyes of some of the doctors, nurses, and other care professionals on the frontlines of this battle.

Beyond mere numbers, our series highlights the powerful experiences and memories of some of Cooper’s dedicated health care professionals. 

Here are their stories.

Episode 1: Bearing Witness

Episode 2: Caring for Colleagues

Episode 3: Band Together

Episode 4: Home

Episode 5: I Need Him To Know We Love Him

Episode 6: Put On Your Mask, You Terrorist

Episode 7: Who Do You Pick?

Episode 8: My COVID Car

Episode 9: I Just Hugged Her

Episode 10: We Can Be There

Episode 11: Don't Give Up