Study # IOV-MEL-301

A Phase III, Multicenter, Randomized, Open-Label, Parallel group, Treatment Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of the Lifileucel (LN-144, Autologous Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes [TIL]) Regimen in Combination with Pembrolizumab compared with Pembrolizumab Monotherapy in Participants with Untreated, Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma


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Lifileucel plus Pembrolizumab, Pembrolizumab with Optional Crossover Period


Short Title: IOV-MEL-301

We are the first site to open this study in the world!  This study is a Phase III study of lifileucel plus pembrolizumab compared with pembrolizumab alone in participants with untreated, unresectable or metastatic melanoma. The combination has the potential for enhanced antitumor activity through the combination of programmed cell death protein-1 (PD-1) blockade allowing for optimal engraftment, increased cytotoxicity, and intratumoral expansion of the infused lifileucel product. Continued pembrolizumab therapy after lifileucel infusion is expected to perpetuate the antitumor effect.

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National Clinical Trial Identified Number: NCT05727904

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  • Metastatic Melanoma

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