Simultaneous Brain and Abdominal Surgery Saves Patient’s Life

On a chilly October evening in 2011, a horrific car accident left 53-year-old In Yong Kim, of Cherry Hill, N.J., clinging to life with five broken ribs, spine and pelvic fractures, severe head trauma with swelling in the brain and internal bleeding. In order to save her life, a team of skilled surgeons at Cooper University Hospital, Jonathan D. Bussey, DO, neurosurgeon at Cooper Neurological Institute, and John Chovanes, DO, trauma surgeon, needed to perform immediate brain and abdominal surgery.

Jerri’s Story: The Doctor’s Visit That Saved Her Life

When Jerri arrived at her doctor’s office with what she thought was the flu, she never would have imagined that she was suffering from a life threatening tear in her aorta. In just a few short hours, she went from her cardiologist’s office to open heart surgery at Cooper, where her heart would be stopped, her body cooled, and she’d undergo an intense surgery and recovery.
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