Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Most breast cancers (nearly 2 in 3) are hormone receptor-positive (HR-positive or HR+). This means high estrogen levels help these cancers grow. Hormone therapy can be an effective way to treat these types of cancer and prevent disease from coming back after treatment or spreading to other areas of your body.

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. At the Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, our breast cancer specialists understand the gravity of a cancer diagnosis and its impact on you and your family. Our team provides advanced diagnosis and cancer treatment services, explaining everything you need to know to feel safe and secure in our care.

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer: What You Should Know

Your treatment team will determine whether you might benefit from hormone therapy based on the type of cancer you have. Here are more details:

  • What is hormone therapy for breast cancer? In certain types of breast cancers, called hormone receptor-positive breast cancers, the hormone estrogen helps cancer cells to grow. Hormone therapy is a type of medicine that aims to prevent cancer cells from using estrogen to grow or spread.
  • How we use hormone therapy: Your doctor will tailor treatment recommendations to your specific circumstances. Hormone therapy may be used alone or with other breast cancer treatments. Your doctor may recommend you use hormone therapy at different times:
    • After surgery
    • Before surgery
    • For cancer recurrences, meaning if a cancer comes back after successful treatment
    • After cancer has spread to other parts of the body
  • How you benefit: Your response to hormone therapy will depend on many factors. In general, hormone therapy for breast cancer can help reduce your risk that breast cancer will spread (or come back).

Why Choose MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper for Breast Cancer Care?

As a partner of the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center, we offer a full range of breast cancer treatment options. You benefit from our:

  • Breast cancer care expertise: Over the past decade, clinical advances have led to more effective breast cancer treatments. Our cancer care specialists have extensive experience treating breast cancer with complex surgical techniques, offering you improved outcomes. Read about our breast cancer surgery specialties.
  • Convenience: Because we have offices located throughout South Jersey, you can find a center with a location and hours that work best for you. Learn more about our breast cancer center.
  • Team approach to care: Our team of breast cancer specialists works together to provide comprehensive, coordinated breast cancer care. If you decide to pursue breast reconstruction surgery, our surgeons can often combine breast cancer treatments with reconstructive care, so you’ll only have one procedure instead of two.
  • Access to clinical trials: Our specialists are at the forefront of breast cancer research. That means you might have the opportunity to take part in a promising clinical trial as part of your treatment.
  • Full range of support services: We offer nutrition guidance, behavioral therapy, and a range of other support services to help you manage any challenges breast cancer diagnosis presents. If you need a mastectomy as part of your treatment, we offer physical therapy and positive emotional support to help you achieve a complete recovery. Learn more about our cancer care support services.

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