Traumatic Injury Prevention Program

Cooper University Hospital Trauma Department presents The Traumatic Injury Prevention Program (TIPP). This program is designed to demystify the consequences of risk-taking behavior. We use reality as opposed to shock and scare tactics.

The Objectives and Methods of the Traumatic Injury Prevention Program

This program is approximately three hours long and includes a description of the resuscitation process that occurs when a patient is admitted to the Cooper Trauma Center. During this portion of the program, a student is used as a model patient while the group is shown actual equipment used in resuscitation procedures. In addition, students view a power point presentation of pictures of actual anonymous patients who have been injured as a direct result of their risk-taking behavior.

Next, the instructor discusses a typical trauma patient’s experience in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU) with the group, including the use of specialized equipment, surgery and the pain involved during recovery. This is followed by a tour of the Trauma Intensive Care unit to visualize anonymous patients and the trauma team at work.

Finally, the instructor discusses the outcomes of risk-taking behavior, including the healing & rehabilitation process as well as the potential for death. During this point of the program, students are escorted to the hospital morgue and allowed to observe a wrapped, anonymous corpse in a morgue drawer. The session concludes with a final discussion about the process of dying and death as a result of risk-taking prevention.

Program Prerequisites

  • Participants in this program must be between 14 and 19 years of age.
  • Number of youths per program: Minimum of 10 / Maximum of 23
  • A responsible adult who authorizes each student's presence at the program (i.e. Juvenile Hall instructor, probation officer, parents, etc) must accompany students.
  • A release form must be signed prior to attending the program.

Anonymous Student Feedback

“I cannot even describe how much it benefited me. It touched my heart and soul forever. I never really thought that three hours could have such a major impact on my life. Thank you so much for dedicating three hours of your time to allow my classmates and I to experience something that has changed our lives and our view forever. Cooper Hospital should be proud. For the ten of us who attended this tour on January 4, 1999, are ten less people in the world who need to see the reality of actions we choose in this life. I feel as though every human being should experience this tour at least once in their lifetime. It is necessary for us as human beings to be reminded once in a while that anything could happen to us.”

“I thought this trip was a great learning experience and it showed me what could happen someday to me if I keep up with my way of life. I think everyone got something out of it.”

“Before I came to visit your hospital I had mixed thoughts about getting shot or stabbed. Now, I’m completely terrified. I praise your program and think it can make a difference in many kids lives.”

“Me, myself I like the trip very much and when I get home I am not going to sell any drugs when I get out, and am going to throw my gun away because I learned from my mistake and from your trip. I need to change my way of life.”

Contact Us For More Information

For information about the The Traumatic Injury Prevention Program (TIPP), contact Sarah Cunningham MSN, APN, Trauma Outreach Coordinator at 856.342.3430.