Dupuytren's Surgical Release

Dupuytren's surgical release is performed to relieve the tightening and inward bending of one or more fingers as a result of abnormal connective tissue (fascia) growth and thickening in the palm (Dupuytren's contracture). The goal of this procedure is to regain maximum hand function, rather than cure the disease.Dupuytren's contracture typically affects the ring and little fingers, often on both hands. In some individuals with a more aggressive and progressive form of the disease, all fingers may eventually become affected. Despite surgery, the disease process may recur and the fingers may begin to bend into the palm once again.

Understanding the procedure

Dupuytren's surgical release involves making an incision (cut) or incisions in the palm of the hand to remove the abnormal connective tissue that covers, supports, and separates the tendons of the hand and fingers.

Indications for the procedure

Surgery is usually recommended once the fingers have progressed to the point where the inability to straighten them is affecting normal hand function.