Schedule a Half Day for Health

half%20day%20for%20health_2.jpgThe Half Day for Health is a unique offering available to women at the Ripa Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at Cooper that provides you with several key preventive health services in one comprehensive and convenient visit to our Voorhees location.

Where Will I Find the Time?

The idea for the Half Day for Health came out of the basic understanding that, plain and simple, women never seem to have time to take care of themselves. After friends, children, spouses, parents ... your own health care tends to come last on the list.

With the Half-Day for Health, you can check off many of those “to dos” on your list with one phone call and one visit, on your schedule.

What Is the Half Day for Health?

When you come to the Ripa Center for your Half-Day for Health, you get quality “you time” with a single visit that includes:

  • Primary care appointment, also known as your annual check-up or “well visit.”
  • Mammogram and/or DEXA bone-density scan, if needed.
  • Gynecologic check-up appointment with an OB/GYN physician.

All of these services are provided in one visit, which takes approximately three hours. Instead of three separate calls to make three separate appointments with three separate providers in three separate locations, you get it all done at once.

How Do I Schedule My Half Day for Health?

It’s simple. Just contact the Ripa Center and our staff will take it from there!

For an appointment at The Ripa Center for Women's Health and Wellness, please call 856.673.4912.