Patient Stories

  • Debby Madiraca: Every Day Is a Gift

    I was 34 years old and seven-and-a-half months pregnant when I felt a lump in my breast. It was the week before my baby shower. At first I thought, “My body is changing so much because of my pregnancy, it’s probably nothing,” but I figured I would just mention it to my doctor at my next prenatal appointment.
  • Ilene: Cancer Genetic Testing Saved My Life

    Ilene, the eldest of three sisters, was devastated. Her middle sister, Laura, had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. The family, already very close, became even closer as they supported Laura through her treatment and recovery.  
  • Kristin's Story: A Second Opinion Saved My Life

    After Kristin was diagnosed with a lung nodule, she wasn't comfortable with the "wait and see" advice she received, so she sought a second opinion at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. "I never experienced that kind of care before," she said. "They took me seriously."