Partial Breast Radiation Device Placement

Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), also known as breast brachytherapy, is a shortened course of high-dose radiation for early-stage breast cancer patients following lumpectomy. At MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, our breast cancer team uses the SAVI® accelerated partial breast irradiation system.

To receive this type of radiation treatment, a special device is used to deliver the radiation from inside the breast. Breast surgeons place the device in the breast at the lumpectomy site and radiation oncologists deliver the radiation treatment through the device.

The advantage to this treatment option is that radiation is delivered only to the tissue immediately surrounding the tumor cavity, reducing treatment time from six to seven weeks to just five days and sparing more healthy tissue.

After the final treatment, the applicator is collapsed and removed. This procedure requires close collaboration between the surgeon who removes the breast tumor, and the radiation oncologist who treats the tumor area after surgery.

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