The DAISY Award - Past Recipients

The DAISY Award is an international program to reward excellence in the nursing profession. It was created by the DAISY Foundation to recognize the extraordinary compassion, outstanding clinical skills and personalized care exhibited by nurses every day. Cooper University Health Care is proud to be a DAISY Award Partner.

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Recipient Month
Phyllis Mazzullo January
Aaron Yang February
Emily Fifth March
Julie Johnson April
Morgan Ford May
Cristine Yumang June
Christine Abacan July
Jessica Passaro August
Jessica Carr September
Tracy McCollough October
Susan Klepacki November
Madeline Shannon December



Recipient Month
Sabrine Mbarkah, Kelemen 8 - PCU Med-Surg March
Thomas Egan, Critical Care Unit April
Michelle Mento, ICU May
Jennifer Orr, ICU July
Zofia Kapron, Pavilion 5 September



Recipient Month
Thomas Egan March/April
Chervon Johnson June/July
Cristine Yumang August/September
Nicholas Knight October/November
James Matthew Kucharski December/January 2019



Recipient Month
Anya Walter January
Mary Jane Durkin February
Patricia Crosby March/April
Meghann Thornton May/June
Diane Werner July/August
Terry Gamble September/October
Vincent Adovas November/December

   *In March 2017, the DAISY Award ceremony was moved to a bi-monthly celebration structure.


Recipient Month
Jacqueline Engle March
Sean Van Bastelaar April
Deborah Cannon May
Rachel McCormick June
Alyson Karbach July
Brittani Abele August
Caitlin O'Shea September
Susan Deeney October