Learning Center

As part of Cooper University Hospital’s Department of Pediatrics, the Cooper Learning Center, located in Voorhees, is distinguished as the region’s only child-learning program affiliated with a university-level medical center. This distinction offers parents and children easy access to the most advanced, scientifically proven methods for accurately assessing and treating children’s learning difficulties, combined with expert clinical consultation for the possible physical or emotional causes of learning disabilities.

Cooper Learning Center Expert Addresses Dyslexia in New Book

Richard Selznick, PhD, licensed psychologist and Director of the Cooper Learning Center at Cooper University Health Care, addresses learning disorders in his latest book, “What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents.”

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Helping Children with Learning Difficulties

Since 1995, the Cooper Learning Center has helped thousands of children learn to read--and changed their lives. The Center’s dedicated staff of expert educators and psychologists prides itself on building children’s academic confidence and self-esteem, and on teaching parents the specific things that they can do at home to help their children learn and succeed.

With a host of treatment services and programs for the struggling learner – from academic problems in reading, spelling, writing and math to inconsistent performance, lack of motivation, peer and social problems, and dyslexia – the Cooper Learning Center personalizes instruction to meet each child’s individual needs. Children learn in a caring and supportive environment that diminishes fear and self-consciousness while fostering comfort and trust.

Helping Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties

Parents receive individualized attention too, with the Center’s head psychologist and educational director accessible by telephone—even for new-patient consultations before any appointment is scheduled. Parents are kept informed of their children's status and progress, including their child's particular strengths and weaknesses, ongoing and overall assessment and remediation, and learning therapies. In fact, good communication with parents is a key element of the Center’s commitment to quality service. All of the staff – administrative personnel, educational psychologists and coordinators, and learning therapists – use simple, down-to-earth language to help parents fully understand the information their given and utilize it to further help their children’s learning.

The Cooper Learning Center offers both one-on-one and small-group instruction. An after-school reading program also is available, as are assessment/evaluation services, in-school programs for children, study skills groups, psychological services for children, and special programs and services for parents.