Learning Center Assessments

The Cooper Learning Center’s assessments are tailored to meet the individual's needs. Depending on the individual, an assessment can range from a brief screening to a thorough evaluation that takes several hours to complete. Through assessment, we identify learning strengths and needs.

For each person we work with, we want to learn as much as we can. We then make recommendations and design interventions based on the needs of that person.

Individual learning assessment results may be used to:

  • Develop a personalized plan based on the child’s individual needs
  • Help the school better understand the student's needs
  • Help plan school accommodations
  • Give information to other professionals, such as doctors or counselors

Learning assessments may include:

  • Initial consultation to review the child’s history
  • Educational consultations
  • Educational Screening or Testing—examines skills in reading, writing and spelling
  • Cognitive Testing—can include testing of IQ, attention, memory, language, visual skills and problem solving
  • Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations
  • Gifted Testing
  • Behavioral and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) assessments
  • Observations of the child in the school setting and/or teacher input
  • Written report of findings and recommendations for intervention and/or accommodations

To schedule a learning assessment for your child, please call 856.673.4900.