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  • Halo Brace

    A halo brace holds the head and neck in a fixed position to prevent movement and lessen pain while the neck heals from an injury, much like a plaster cast keeps the bones in a broken arm as still as possible while they heal.

  • Hand Problems and Pain

    Learn about hand problems and pain, and the expert resources for diagnosing and treating these conditions at Cooper University Health Care

  • Hand Therapy

    The Cooper Bone and Joint Institute Hand Therapy Program provides comprehensive care for your hand injuries. Our hand care starts with our physicians and surgeons and, when rehabilitation is needed, you are referred for treatment to our certified hand therapy specialists.

  • Hand and Nerve Center

    Our multidisciplinary hand and nerve specialists work together to expertly diagnose and treat hand and nerve disorders, restoring look and function.

  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    Learn about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and the expert services available at Cooper University Health Care for diagnosing and treating this autoimmune disorder

  • Having Your Baby at Cooper

    At you plan for your new arrival, you can be assured that Cooper is the best place to have your baby. We offer a private, comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for prenatal care, delivery, and aftercare.

  • Head and Neck Cancer

    Our skilled head and neck cancer specialists provide comprehensive care for people with mouth and nose cancers as well as other head and neck tumors.

  • Head and Neck Cancer Center

    Our Head and Neck Cancer Center in South Jersey is dedicated to comprehensive care for people with mouth, neck, and nose cancers and oral tumors.

  • Head and Neck Cancer Center

    Our Head and Neck Cancer Center in South Jersey is dedicated to comprehensive care for people with mouth and nose cancers and other tumors in this region.

  • Head and Neck Surgery

    Expertise in head and neck cancer and reconstructive surgery, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, and transoral robotic surgery (TORS) are just some of the highlights of our full-service practice.

  • Headache

    Headaches are one of the most common forms of pain. For some people a headache may be a minor irritation once or twice a year, while others can suffer disabling pain on an almost daily basis.

  • Headache Program

    Our expert headache specialists offer comprehensive neurological evaluation and treatment for migraines, tension headaches, and other types of headaches.

  • Health Care Centers, Cherry Hill, NJ

    Cooper University Health Care in Cherry Hill, NJ, offers a variety of health care services including cancer treatment, urgent care, and more. Learn more about our Cherry Hill locations!

  • Hearing Loss

    Cooper’s otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat specialists) and audiologists provide expert, comprehensive care for people of all ages with hearing loss.

  • Hearing Loss in Babies and Children

    Cooper’s otolaryngologists (ENT specialists), audiologists, and speech-language pathologists provide complete care for babies and children with hearing loss.

  • Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

    A heart attack (also known as a myocardial infarction or MI) happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen. If blood flow isn’t restored quickly, the section of heart muscle begins to die.

  • Heart Block

    Heart block is a problem that occurs with the heart's electrical system. This system controls the rate and rhythm of heartbeats.

  • Heart Disease

    Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle. Like all other tissues in the body, the heart muscle needs oxygen-rich blood to function, and oxygen-depleted blood must be carried away.

  • Heart Disease in Women

    Although many people think of heart disease as a man's problem, women can and do get heart disease. In fact, heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States.

  • Heart Institute

    The Cooper Heart Institute is the most comprehensive heart care center in southern New Jersey, providing world-class cardiac care — in your neighborhood.

Showing 1 to 20 of 43 results

Get to Know Cooper University Health Care's Services

Individuals around South Jersey and the Delaware Valley can receive specialized attention and care at one of the many Cooper University Health Care facilities in the area. We offer more than 70 different specialties and a network of more than 630 board-certified physicians working in more than 100 office locations.

Read on to learn more about how we can help you!

MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper

MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper has taken advanced cancer care to an entirely new level.

As part of the MD Anderson at Cooper experience, you will have access to:

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center’s proven treatment plans
  • Specialized cancer expertise
  • Clinical trials
  • Collaboration by national and regional cancer specialists
  • Customized treatment plans
  • A full range of supportive care services

Ripa Center for Women’s Health & Wellness

The Ripa Center for Women’s Health and Wellness in Voorhees, NJ, is a leading provider of women’s health services in South Jersey, offering women a higher standard of personal health and well-being.

Available health services at this facility include breast health, osteoporosis treatment, primary care, maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, plus on-site imaging and more. Educational programs centered around health needs, fitness, and individual empowerment are available, too!

Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper

The Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper provides high-quality pediatric primary care and comprehensive specialty care services and has the only hospital-based pediatric surgery program in South Jersey. Families no longer need to travel out of state for exceptional care provided by board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric medical specialists, surgeons, and anesthesiologists.

Cooper also is a verified Level II Pediatric Trauma Center according to the American College of Surgeons and has a dedicated pediatric emergency department with waiting areas and rooms specifically designed to meet the needs of infants and children.

Bone and Joint Institute

The Bone and Joint Institute, focusing on comprehensive musculoskeletal care, is led by a team of fellowship-trained and board-certified experts specializing in orthopedics, rheumatology, sports medicine, podiatry, and rehabilitation.

Cooper is also the first in New Jersey to receive Premier Certification Status for Geriatric Fracture Care from the International Geriatric Fracture Society and is a Blue Distinction® Center for Spine Surgery.

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center

You can finally achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals and take back your life with help from the highly trained experts at our Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center, a MBSAQIP Accredited - Comprehensive with Adolescent Qualifications Center.

Our surgeons have performed thousands of weight-loss surgeries and we have a detailed program to help you lose and keep off weight that includes:

  • Thorough consultation and evaluation process
  • Multidisciplinary approach to your care
  • Careful consideration of your goals
  • Ongoing follow-up
  • Close coordination with your referring doctor

Urgent Care Centers

With multiple urgent care centers throughout the area, you’ll be able to receive prompt and professional assistance when you need it most.

These centers act as an extension of our Emergency Department, providing you with immediate attention under the guidance of a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Patients young or old can stop in at any time to have their cuts, bruises, sprains, falls, and fevers attended to, along with any other non-life threatening condition. Our urgent care centers provide timely and effective care in an always-friendly environment.

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